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Spitfire Caravan

spitfire caravan
Spitfire CaravanSpitfire Caravan

This is Our adult Caravan Cubby, Yes it’s a real, roadworthy, towable caravan! Designed in the style of the classic Australian Caravan of the 1940’s and 50’s, we’ve taken all of our favourite style features from the era and put it all into what we believe is the perfect little caravan.

We do the spitfire in two vesions, a camper, and a pop up shop. Imagine rocking up in style to a music festival with this and living like a king, or if you have a business which you would like to take mobile, this is the perfect caravan for taking to markets, or street trading. It is a real people magnet!

The Camper is perfect for a couples weekend getaway, we’ve packed in a queen size bed, and a little kitchen with fridge, sink and double burner cook top. Imagine pulling up at a deserted beach with this and spending the weekend with all the comforts of home. We believe its possibly the most beautiful caravan ever made.

The pop up shop is packed with bench space and has a huge serving window on one side, we can custom make your interior to meet the individual requirements of your business. Choose from a wide range of colours to suit you, Call us for more information.

Its surprising how much you can fit into these little caravans. Perfect for market stall holders and street traders.

These caravans are custom designed. The dimensions for the Spitfire Caravan are:

  • Internal Height: 1.9m
  • Internal Width: 1.9m
  • Internal length 2.4m

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